Latching on one side, pump on the other side

On my previous post about building supply:

"While latching on one side, pump on the other side at the same time. A very effective and easy method to emptying the breast and stimulate more milk. Is a way of telling the brain you have twins to feed. The brain will adjust the supply accordingly. If baby is not satisfied with just one side, feed the expressed milk."

For mothers who wish to build supply, this method is better than taking food to build supply. No joke! Every time I do that, my milk will flow non stop. It's like continues let downs. If baby is sucking well, you will experience it too. Instead of 5oz, I could get up to 8oz on one side.

If you have introduced bottle feeding, I would advice you to use a slow flow teat so that baby will work hard on sucking milk. For me, Avent teats (newborn size) are great for a start. I will only change the teat size when my baby is showing signs of exhaustions when sucking milk from the small teat.

For more info: A very good link on "Insufficient Milk Supply for a working mother"

".....On the Web site, Mama Cherie, Dr. Jack Newman suggests using only newborn flow nipples no matter the age of the baby, because a rapid flow can cause a baby to prefer the bottle or to overfeed. You can discuss ways for the mother to approach her baby's care provider about feeding the baby only when he's hungry, not pressuring him to finish bottles, and using soothing methods other than bottles when he is fussing......"
Share the good news if this works for you. Good luck!

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