My Story

Two unbelievable things happened. I gave birth without fear or pain. My baby was looking around checking out his surroundings and looking at us straight in the eyes from the moment he was birthed.

I would like to start out by saying how grateful I am to have learnt about HypnoBirthing only a month away before my birth. I remembered looking forward to my labour right after the course. I could not have done it if it’s not for the knowledge and the Relaxation and Rainbow tracks. With the understanding and knowledge about labour, I didn’t have any fear and therefore no pain. Thank you Madam Soo Wai Han for the 2 days intensive classes that helped change my life.

Before the HypnoBirthing class, I remembered having the fear of going through the same unpleasant labour as my first child. I had a very painful and long recovery period after my 1st labour due to episiotomy and forceps. The first thing that attracted me to HypnoBirthing was no episiotomy was needed and comfortable labour. Unbelievable but true. Well, at least for me. I still remembered feeling how easy it was after receiving my 2nd baby. From that day onwards, I could not help myself from encouraging every pregnant mother to learn about HypnoBirthing to achieve a gentle, easy and comfortable labour.

With this labour, I’ve noticed a big difference at how alert my baby was from the very moment he birthed as compared to my 1 st child. As for me, I was able to move freely without pain in my recovery. And because of that I was able to focus on my breastmilk supply. He was such an easy and contented baby thanks to the gentle birth and the abundance of breastmilk supply. There were only 2 things I did differently - giving birth naturally and doing my liver cleanse during my pregnancy (end of 2nd trimester and the 1st and 2nd month of my last trimester.) I was amazed at his alertness in checking his environment and us with direct eye contacts ability since his birth.

As Madam Soo phrased it, “although there can be no pain, labour is hard work.” I would not have it any other way other than the HypnoBirthing way.

Here’s my story….

As usual, I would breastfeed my 3 year old daughter upon waking up in the morning. After the breastfeeding session, I noticed there was a leaking. Found out that the membrane broke. With excitement I told my family that we will be seeing the baby soon. Although I didn’t feel any surge then, leaking comes in small amount while I continued with my daily routine. After lunch, there was a show. I was wondering if it is a good idea to go to the hospital to do the registrations first and wanting to enjoy a scoop of Baskin Robins ice cream before my labour. My husband was still busy looking for a nice name for our baby while I kept myself busy with some unfinished sewing. Four hours later, my mucus plug dropped. Light surges come and go. I did my final packing and then took a good shower.

One hour later, the surges were 5 minutes apart. This time I have to set down on all fours and sometimes leaning on the birthing ball while doing my deep breathing whenever the surges come. My daughter was busy imitating me. She made me laughed when she leaned on her bouncing ball and did the deep breathing sound. In between surges, we were getting ready to head for hospital. I took a light dinner and some soup before heading to the hospital. Finally, left the house an hour later. The surges were about 4 minutes apart now. I had my Ipod on, playing the Relaxation and Rainbow tracks till almost the end of my baby’s birth. The soothing music and voice helped in keeping me calm and reminding me to breathe. I was looking forward to my labour with every surge.

While my husband was driving, I was adjusting myself to get into a comfortable position. I declined the seat and leant on it. We reached the hospital half an hour later. After reaching the lobby, I sat on a couch feeling very uncomfortable each time the surge came. As it was a Sunday night, my husband was walking around looking for an assistant to take us to the labour ward. I asked my husband to look for a wheel chair as I find it harder to walk with the surges coming more often and more intense.

I was so relieved to see my husband and a hospital assistant with a wheel chair. When we reached the labour room I felt another surge, and quickly alerted my husband to pass my birthing ball to lean on. I requested to let my husband to do the registrations later as I needed his help and support then. My husband showed them our birthplan. I was pleased at how the nurses reacted after finding out that we wanted to go through HypnoBirthing method. One nurse adviced us that she needs to do a one-time strap on test and it would just take a while. She also did a vaginal examination and told us I was already 8cm dilated. I was so happy to hear that. After the nurse released me from the strap, I looked for a comfortable position and leaned on the headboard of the inclined bed with both my knees on the bed, as I wanted an upright position for my birth. I was feeling a bit nauseous. Not long after, I vomited the dinner I took before leaving the house.

Surges came in 1 minute interval. I held on to my husband’s shoulder while he was stroking my back and giving me comfort. My husband requested for me to let him go as our plan was for him to film and witness our labour. I didn’t let him go as holding on to him gave me the position and comfort I needed.

The next thing I knew was I felt the urge to push. I kept reminding myself to relax and allow my baby and body to take its own course of time. With each surge, I was releasing the discomfort feeling through breathing in and out deeply by creating an “o” sound. I felt my baby descending lower and lower. My gynaecologist arrived and sat behind me quietly. I asked him if he could see my baby’s head yet and he replied “no”. With each surge, I can feel my baby descending and at one time I felt my baby moved upward a little after the surge stopped. There was about a half minute break in between surges. At the final moment I couldn’t help but to start pushing at the same time trying to relax the lower part of my body as the urge was so strong. At the pause of a final surge, I stop pushing and I could feel my baby’s head at my perineal area and I could feel the opening. I asked my gynaecologist if he was giving me an episiotomy then. He replied by saying, “Jane, I don’t do episiotomy.” Although my husband assured me, I looked back to check on him and surely he was sitting there with his arms folded while watching me.

Finally, at the next surge my baby was out. I felt his body slided out. I was so relieved that the most uncomfortable part was over. There was a quiet moment before I heard my baby cry. I knew straight away my gynaecologist must have performed the mucus suction on him. I questioned him and he told me he has forgotten about my instruction to abstain from it and that he just did a quick one to make sure his breathing passage was clear. I was unhappy about it as I wanted to birth my baby gently without him feeling any fear or discomfort. At the sight of my baby, my frustration disappeared. It was weird, but I remembered the first thing that came to my thought was how beautiful his ears were. I quickly tried to nurse him to calm him down, gently stroking and talking to him. Thanks to HypnoBirthing, and the support of my husband and family, I have succeeded in giving birth to my child naturally without any fear. I birthed my baby within 35 minutes after admitted to the labour ward. I actually felt every single thing that was happening in my body! It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.

If you are interested I finding out more about natural birth.....