My Avent Single Electronic Breast Pump died on me yesterday

I normally pump 2 times a day at work, using my Uno Avent pumps. I have 2 Uno Avent pumps. One bought in 2007 in Singapore and the other July, 2009 in Malaysia. After using it for only 5 months, the new Uno Avent motor died. I'm not sure what was the cause as it was fine during my morning expression.

So, okay. I called up the distributer. Was told that it is still under warranty since I bough it in 27 July 2009. Went home and look for my warranty card and to my supprise it was written there 6 months warranty from date of purchase. I bought the pump at Mothercare.

Next day, called the distributor again. Was told that since I bought it at Mothercare, they can't give me a replacement. I have to deal with Mothercare!! So, I called Mothercare and was told that their warranty period is 6 months! I was so shock that Mothercare only offers 6 months of warranty. Told the sales assistant that I only started to use it in end of November 2009 after baby's birth. Finally, they agree to give me a replacement. Phew! Else I have to get a new one!

The distributor provide 2 years warranty instead of 6 months! For offers (20% discount), you can look out for Mom and Baby Expo, Motherhood Expo, Parenthood Expo.

Oh! By the way, I was told that Mothercare's warranty is only for one time. Means second time with problems, althought it's still within the 6 months warranty, you'll have to get a new one.

Please tell all your friends about this.

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